Action Figures Playsets

All Action Figures are between 5 and 8

All Single Action Figures are $7.99

All Double Figures are $ 14.99

Triple Figures are $19.99

Playsets Vary on prices!

Single Figures:

2 Dope "Undead Juggalo" w/ Steel Chair

Rockin Lunatic w/ Barbwire baseball bat

Krayzie Death w/ Sledge Hammer

J-Dogg w/ World Heavyweight Championship

J-Zone w/ Ladder

Zach Zombie w/ Kendo Stick

Street Fighter w/ International Championship

AfroMan w/ Steel Pipe

Acolyte w/ Biker Chain

Demon w/ Table

Corey Stevens / SPiked Baseball Bat

The Myth w/ Mental Hospital Bed Strap

Ashley Bullard w/ Big Ladder

Haylee Bullard w/ Steel Pipe

Double Figures:

2 Dope "Undead Juggalo" & Rockin Lunatic - uXw Staff

Krayzie Death & Rockin Lunatic - Undead Army Enforcers

J-Zone & J-Dogg - Revolution

2 Dope "Undead Juggalo" & Haylee Bullard - Bullard Marriage

2 Dope "Undead Juggalo" & Ashley Bullard - Brother & Sister of The Undead Army

2 Dope "Undead Juggalo" & Street Fighter - Old Friends

J-Dogg & The Myth - Bitter Enemies

Triple Figures:

2 Dope "Undead Juggalo" & Rockin Lunatic & Krayzie Death - Undead Army

2 Dope "Undead Juggalo" & Haylee Bullard, & Ashley Bullard - The Bullards

Street Fighter & Krayzie Death & Rockin Lunatic - Undead Army Soldiers


Street Fighter with Custom Harley - $14.99

Monday Night Fury Ring - $14.99

Deluxe Monday Night Fury Ring- Comes with Stage, Ramp, Ring, Titon Tron, and Speakers, Speakers can plug into Ipod/MP3 to play music, and Titon Tron can plug into TV or a Computer to play videos, and comes with a variety of weapons - $59.99

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